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      Organizing an operation for a large group

      You’re searching for a specialist in order to:

      • Organize a yearly seminar
      • Participate in an international meeting
      • Organize an incentive trip
      • Participate in a congress
      • Organize an event
      • Travel to a trade show
      • Visit a factory
      • Launch a product in France or the rest of the world

      All companies wish to maintain the quality of their event while reducing their costs. Jet-miles offers you savings of 10% to 15% on your operation.


      Jet-miles purchases the transportation directly. Our partner travel agencies organize the ground travel program according to your precise needs and at the best cost. You’ll notice a significant difference in your purchases.

      We can organize your entire group trip or a specific part of it depending on your specifications:

      • Pre- & post plane and train travel
      • Groups on regular flights
      • Chartered jumbo jets
      • Group train charters
      • Co-charter on a charter flight
      • Regular and charter plane logistics
      • Freelance tour guides, project directors, on-site office, etc.
      • Management of lists, reservations, transfers, tickets, luggage tags, etc.
      • Comprehensive insurance for the operation
      • Plane crisis management

      And with our partner travel agencies:

      • Hotels with plenary hall, committee room, activities and entertainment, challenges.
      • Event coordination and technical resources
      • Complete logistics for the operation

      Want a free quote? Consult us and we’ll put you in direct contact with our event agencies or incentive partners.

      The Jet-miles advantage

      • A single representative and a dedicated team
      • Real-time information
      • 24-hour availability

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