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    Frequently asked questions regarding renting private jets

    What are your personalized services? What is the difference between the private jets that I routinely rent?

    Jet-miles offers distinctive assistance and support for your private flight.

    You’ll receive several jet offers based on your own specifications, with detailed recommendations. After confirmation, you’ll receive your contracts and invoices, and then your project documents outlining your particular requests and all your flight details.

    We will be at the airport in advance and help you get comfortable in a private lounge.
    After verifying the flight details with your pilots, we’ll assist you with boarding.

    If you wish, Jet-miles can accompany and assist you onboard your flight in complete confidentiality to take care of any unforeseen developments on-site (Complicated plans, varying rendezvous times, urgent itinerary change, additional prepayments, dealing with foreign agents, etc.)
    Our personnel will assist you. You have the certainty of being in immediate contact with your project directors.
    An operational supervisor is also dedicated to your operation and coordinates arrivals with your assistants and chauffeurs.
    It’s not just about finding the perfect plane at the best price; It’s also about being able to react at a moment’s notice. This is the Jet-miles spirit.

    Can one choose remote airports or those infrequently served by regular airlines?

    Yes, Jet-miles selects the airport closest to your rendezvous point, including remote airports.
    In addition, you'll always benefit from express boarding procedures in both France and abroad.
    The General Aviation Terminal for business travel is comfortable and designed to assist private planes in complete confidentiality.
    Just arrive a few minutes before departure for immediate boarding.
    In Paris, you’ll primarily use the Le Bourget airport, but nothing prevents you from using international airports.
    With a business plane, you can land at 10 times as many airports as a regular commercial plane!
    Fly to New York, London, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Tokyo…business airports enable you to arrive closer to your rendezvous location.
    Please consult our private jet experts. They will offer you the closest airport suited to your trip.

    Is it really possible to take off in a private jet at any time and from any place in the world?

    No, not always: Certain airports are subject to noise restrictions (nearby residents) or are closed at night. Some have runways that are too short. One must also take into account short delays arising from obtaining special traffic rights for certain countries.
    In a case such as this, our project directors will be able to offer you a plane suited to the runway (a turboprop or helicopter, for example) or request formal authorization for the airport of your choice.

    Jet-miles finds a solution for each of your plane rental projects, anywhere in the world.

    With a private jet, can I make several stops during the day in different countries?

    Absolutely: by taking off early in the morning you can organize a "tour" of different points throughout Europe. You private jet with crew will assist you at each stop and adapt your stopovers to your meetings. You will be back in the evening in time for dinner.


    If foreign airports are infrequently served by regular flights with convenient times, can I rent a business plane?

    Availability of planes based nearby and the Freedoms of the Air must be taken into account, but we can go almost anywhere. Jet-miles will find you the airport, private plane and bespoke services specifically tailored to your profile, in any country in the world. We have a very extensive database with which to find the best solutions for organizing your trip.

    I like to rent a very particular type of private jet—is this possible?

    As our database is updated daily by our personnel, we can find you all categories of business planes throughout the world, even a specific plane if you wish—as long as it’s available.
    It is preferable, however, to charter a different business jet (smaller, larger, etc.) or even a turboprop depending on, for example, the arrival airport, cost or the runway length at remote airports.
    We can often recommend alternatives that are less costly or better suited to the number of passengers flying that day. For example, you can experience substantial savings by choosing a specific plane with equivalent comfort, but positioned close to your departure or arrival airport.

    My business plane absolutely must arrive in Budapest at 11 a.m. for the plenary meeting

    We’ll get you there! Select your most convenient flight times, which you can even change during the flight. This is the greatest advantage of private flights.
    A holdup or delay? Your business plane will often remain waiting on-site. We thus notify the crew, who holds your departure so you can finish your meeting in complete tranquility.

    I'm organizing a visit to 5 African capitals this week in order to visit my regional managers. This seems quite complicated.

    Jet-miles can offer you a long-range business jet that will fly nonstop to each of these cities. You can obviously work in your business jet’s lounge area and take advantage of the advanced onboard communications technologies, or you can even take a nap on comfortable beds in order to be fresh and relaxed upon arrival. Your local assistants will be notified in advance of the plane’s exact arrival time in order to organize your airport transfers. Jet-miles will take care of all the small details pertaining to your trip.

    We’ve had significant changes since yesterday: we also have more passengers than expected and must modify our private jet’s itinerary again.

    Don’t worry: if the plane has sufficient capacity and the distance permits it, you can board your extra passengers for free. If the plane is not able to do so, we will propose another with greater capacity, preferably with the same airline. We can also modify an itinerary in real time. And if you change the departure date, we will make every effort to minimize the costs you incur for the changes.

    Is the price all-inclusive? And VAT?

    Our quotes are straightforward and include all costs (improved services, passenger taxes, parking, crew costs, aircraft fuel, Jet-miles’ assistants, etc.)
    No surprises from last-minute surcharges (aircraft fuel, etc.) Any possible VAT on domestic flights within the same country is indicated in our quote. A business will often be able to have the VAT refunded.

    Luxury taxes (such as the €100 Italian tax per passenger per flight) are uncommon. Other individual exceptions (possible plane deicing) are indicated in your contract.

    I wish to have very particular custom services available onboard. I’ll also have a large quantity of baggage and would like a smoking flight.

    Jet-miles constantly adapts its services to your demands: Heavy jets and Boeing Business Jets are well suited for carrying large amounts of baggage. Smoking is allowed on certain planes.

    You can sometimes even take a favorite pet. Just ask us.

    My bank is closed, but I need to leave on an urgent business trip this Sunday.

    For customers with an account, Jet-miles can advance you on urgent payments if necessary, even on Sundays. We’ll reserve the private plane that suits you and be present at your side.

    Can I get a better price on a private jet by reserving at the last minute?

    Business planes are often reserved less than a week before departure. Also, if you trip is confirmed, we recommend that you reserve your private jet in advance in order to benefit from a wider selection and thus better prices.

    I need to rent a chauffeur-driven car upon arriving at the airport.

    For your departure or arrival, Jet-miles coordinates the rental of a chauffeur-driven limousine or a minibus wherever you are. We can also reserve your hotels.

    Would you like to find out more about renting a private jet?
    Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

    The Jet-miles advantage

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    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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