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    Jet-miles is an airline broker specializing in renting airliners for companies and tour operators. We rent these jumbo jets directly from airlines throughout the world.
    Find out how to select your airliner

    What is your project?

    The Jet-miles directors charter commercial planes of all sizes throughout the world. We rent airliners suited to any group project, from 10 to 15,000 passengers, at the best cost and with a multitude of customized services.

    Why rent an airliner?

    For a specific need:

    • Special destination
    • Very large group
    • Exclusivity for your group trip
    • Specific flight schedules, etc.

    A private plane charter is often the best choice.

    Who charters commercial planes?

    Primarily companies and tour operators, particularly for:

    • Organizing their business seminar or event
    • Promoting or launching their products
    • Group travel for employees, clients or guests
    • Participating in trade shows
    • Organizing themed conventions
    • Visiting industrial sites
    • Establishing a series of charter flights in Europe
    • Jet-miles groups together co-charterers for renting airliners

    Organizing plane travel for business seminars

    For years, Jet-miles has been organizing plane charters for companies. We deal directly with over 350 airlines throughout the world. This guarantees you significant savings on all your operations.

    We provide our expertise for each business project:

    • Foreign meeting in a private plane
    • Organization of incentive trips with airliners
    • Jumbo jet rental for a convention
    • Charter for a special event
    • Plane rental for a group travelling to a congress abroad
    • Organization of a business seminar
    • Participating in an international conference
    • Reward trip abroad
    • Group trip by plane
    • Group press junket
    • Business travel by private jet
    • Travel for business executives
    • Private plane for visiting an industrial site
    • Plane rental for an industrial site inauguration
    • Organizing business trips
    • Regular plane trips between company sites
    • Organizing an automobile launch abroad
    • Jumbo jet rental for a pharmaceutical laboratory

    Whether for business or pleasure, we offer the widest selection of planes for organizing your trips:

    Plane charters

    - Charter planes in France, Europe and the rest of the world to your convention’s location

    - Co-charters or charters for Europe (Funchal, Sal, Athens, Heraklion, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Tivat, etc.)

    Groups on regular flights + airline charter
    – Organization of different groups on regular flights to a specified rendezvous point, or “charter hub”, then
    – Flights with chartered commercial planes to your convention’s location

    Private jet rentals for VIPs
    – Transportation of your top executives in a private plane to your event location (seminar, congress, convention, meeting, incentive trip, inauguration, product launch)

    Airport and onboard services


    • Exclusive airport counters
    • purchase of seat headrest covers for the plane with your logo
    • special VIP meals
    • open bar
    • display your brand
    • Stickers
    • management of plane’s positioning schedule
    • Onboard presence of our senior supervisors
    • Contact with your local DMCs
    • 24-hour operational service during your operation…

    Would you like to organize a quality business seminar, plenary convention, congress, or incentive trip in France or abroad, with activities, hotels and a convention center, for a large number of participants or employees?

    We have years of experience working in close collaboration with reliable, responsive and flexible event and incentive agencies that will organize a global and creative “all-inclusive” solution for you with transportation +air travel and services at the best cost.

    Jet-miles: The only airline broker offering a Global Travel Solution® for all your projects, all in complete safety with a single transportation representative

    Organizing the foreign launch of a vehicle

    Organizing the launch of an automobile, motorcycle, boat or agricultural or mechanical equipment is not an improvised affair. You must invest a tremendous amount of energy in:

    • Finding the ideal location for your launch, which combines various advantages: the cost, naturally, but also a city that your guests can reach easily from any country.
    • Finding a circuit or terrain where you can showcase and promote your vehicle in all conditions (road, city, off-road, fields, marina, etc.)
    • Organizing a convention in a hotel suitable for the participants’ overnight stay.
    • Finding a suitable convention center (plenary) in Europe or the rest of the world.
    • Inviting a maximum number of car dealers, fleet customers, journalists, bankers, training instructors, etc.
    • Uniting behind a strong theme, so that your event is unforgettable.
    • Finding the airlines (regular + charter flights) to bring all these participants together at a fixed point in time while obviously keeping them from intermingling.
    • Offering the ideal transportation option in terms of flight time, with flight schedules and custom services that present and showcase your brand (mobile counters, express check-in, seat headrest covers with your company logo, superior meals, onboard documentation, optimized scheduling, etc.)
    • Managing lists and registrations in real time.
    • Optimizing and prompting participation in your automobile launch. Not easy.


    For all this, you have Jet-miles.

    Jet-miles has organized automobile launches for many years. We deal directly with over 350 airlines throughout the world.
    Haven’t heard of us? Then you can be sure that you’ve been dealing with numerous middlemen who are dealing with middlemen themselves. Jet-miles has already successfully organized several dozen automobile and agricultural vehicle launches around the world. And as you can see, we know how to handle your plane transportation logistics.


    • Jerez: 4,500 European participants from 31 countries
    • Biarritz: 700 Belgian fleet managers and journalists
    • Bordeaux: 1,200 French car dealers.

    At a time when savings count, you need to ask yourself the right questions.

    You can decide to give priority to an airline broker with French capital whose directors have vast experience in the field. Furthermore, our prices are much more affordable for the same quality of service…

    Jet-miles offers its Global Travel Solution for your vehicle launch:

    Plane charter
    – chartered planes in France, Europe and throughout the world to your foreign convention location

    Groups on regular flights or train + airline charter
    – Organization of different groups onto regular flights to a specified rendezvous point, or “charter hub”, then
    – Flights with chartered commercial planes to the location of your vehicle launch.

    Private jet rentals for VIPs
    – Send your top executives in a private plane to your convention/product launch location

    Airport and onboard services for automobile, motorcycle, boat, agricultural and mechanical equipment launches.


    • Exclusive counters
    • Special VIP meals
    • Specific magazines and newspapers
    • Onboard distribution of promotional and advertising material
    • Purchase of seat headrest covers for the plane with your logo
    • Stickers with customer logo
    • Control of positioning flights and live flight tracking
    • Onboard presence of our supervisors
    • Local office for the duration of the vehicle launch
    • 24-hour operational service during your operation…

    New! Jet-miles introduces the "Jet-miles List" You can now register ALL your participants LIVE and manage your vehicle launch in real time for ALL the chartered planes with direct access to your registration list. No middlemen.

    Jet-miles is an expert in plane charters. Consult us: we offer you our Global Travel Solution for ALL your vehicle launches and plenary conventions regardless of size.

    Plane rental: orchestras, the arts & shows

    Arriving late to a special event is out of the question.

    Therefore, whether you are a concert performer or a participant, you will enjoy using planes chartered by Jet-miles to take full advantage of the present moment. We ensure that you arrive on time to your concert event.

    As with all your events, shows or exhibitions, time is of the essence. Our professionals understand your needs perfectly and take every possible precaution regarding your flight’s safety.

    We organize your charter using new and reliable planes so as to provide you with the highest quality before, during and after your flight, so that you can enjoy your event to the fullest. Our on-site professionals supervise your operation and accompany you onboard the plane if necessary.

    Have a special request? Traveling with your concert performers AND their instruments? Jet-miles charters planes for passengers + freight, which enables your precious instruments to travel everywhere with you during your tour in complete safety.

    Find the plane that best suits you for each activity:

    • Jumbo jet rentals abroad for philharmonic orchestras AND instruments
    • Business planes for artists on international tours
    • Plane charters for corps de ballet
    • Private plane rentals for choirs
    • Group visits to international museums
    • Chartered flights for participating in concerts
    • Plane charters for international or world exhibitions and fairs
    • Private plane travel for television and film production
    • Economic turboprop planes for short distances and small groups
    • Private jet rentals for actors
    • Independent cargo planes for freight logistics

    Plane charters for sports groups and teams

    Jet-miles charters new planes of any size from A to B at the best price, without middlemen. We organize your charter down to the last detail to ensure that you arrive at your sporting event on time and in complete safety.

    A series of charter flights for professional teams
    Plane charter for the Six Nations Rugby Tournament
    Plane rental for the Olympic Games

    Plane charters for the European Championship and World Cups
    Special planes for groups participating in marathons
    Plane rentals for supporters

    Plane rentals for organizing individual sporting events:
    Basketball, Horseback Riding, Football, Formula 1, Golf, Handball, Rally, Rugby, Tennis...and every other sport.

    Are you looking for a global solution with activities, hotels, local buses, and tickets for the event?
    We will direct you over to our partner travel agencies who will provide you with an “all-inclusive” solution offering global transportation + services at the best price.

    The Jet-miles SPORTS CHARTER

    Jet-miles: a team of sporting enthusiasts who, like you, love challenges!

    At a time when savings count, Jet-miles puts professional sports teams in direct contact with certified airlines that are reliable and suited to your sports travel.

    Your advantages?

    • Transparency and successfully managed costs, with no middlemen.
    • Quick information in real time (you and the airline)
    • Smaller deposits paid to suppliers.

    We offer our operational expertise, but only if you want it:

    • Negotiation and review of the charter contract
    • Counter rental and hired agents at each airport
    • Operation manager to monitor and track planes in real time
    • Crisis management and decision support in case the plane is late

    Examples of airliner rentals:

    Business meeting
    500 passengers
    Incentive trip for television sponsors
    350 passengers
    Pharmaceutical congress
    Prague, Budapest, Seville, Lisbon, Jerez
    500 to 1,500 passengers
    Live television event
    150 passengers
    International exhibition
    Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid
    140 passengers
    Sporting event by plane
    Cardiff, Manchester, Parma, London
    180 passengers
    Business event
    1,500 passengers
    Inauguration of a production site
    Alexandria, Alta, Saint-Nazaire, Haugesund
    100 passengers
    Olympic Games
    320 passengers
    Automobile launch
    Jerez, Bordeaux, Faro, Salzburg
    4,500 passengers
    Agricultural equipment launch
    Leipzig, Tampere, Kuusamo, Ivalo
    600 passengers
    Product launch
    Seville, Marrakech, Cagliari
    200 passengers
    Plane rental for government use
    Doha, Dubrovnik, Rabat
    90 passengers
    Orchestra with instruments by plane
    120 passengers
    Organisation of a business seminar
    Marsa Alam, Barcelona
    700 passengers
    Organisation of a press junket
    Biarritz, Stavanger, Manchester
    700 passengers
    Oil & gas crew change by plane
    Malabo, Abidjan, Pointe Noire, Port Harcourt, Luanda
    50 passengers back to back
    Professional trade show
    Hannover, Berlin, Geneva, Madrid
    147 passengers
    Series of tour operator flights
    Funchal, Sal, Heraklion, Athens, Corfu, Tivat, Dubrovnik
    Tens of thousands of passengers
    Industrial site and factory visit
    Ukraine, Russia
    50 passengers
    Commemorative trip
    Cracovia, Munich, Salzburg
    150 passengers

    The Jet-miles advantage

    • A single representative and a dedicated team
    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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