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    Which airliner rental is the most suitable for your group?

    Which airliner is truly suited to your charter project?

    It all depends on the size of your group and the destination. Here are our suggestions:

    for 15 to 30 passengers

    Group of 15 to 30 passengers, 1- to 2-hour flight

    The economical solution

    Turboprop plane

    A turboprop plane is particularly suited for groups of 15 to 30 passengers departing from remote or infrequently served airports: economical in terms of fuel, it can take off from airports with short runways.

    What are the advantages? The price (a private jet often costs twice as much) and the ecological impact.

    Our suggestion:
    A Beech 1900D with 18 seats is very economical

    Type of operation: Organizing a company visit to an industrial site

    Sample itinerary suited to this type of plane:
    Paris / Biarritz / Paris
    Paris / Dinard / Paris

    Le Bourget / Marseille/ Le Bourget

    Other turboprop planes for 15 to 30 passengers:

    • Fairchild Dornier 228-202 18 seats
    • Fairchild (Swearingen) Metro III 19 seats
    • BAe 3102 Jetstream 31 19 seats
    • De Havilland Dash 6 Twin Otter 300 19 seats
    • Embraer 120 ER Brasilia 30 seats

    Group of 15 to 30 passengers, 1- to 2½-hour flight

    The fast solution

    By private jet

    There are few jets available in the 15- to 30-passenger category apart from a few VIP-version airliners. Nevertheless, the 31-seat Dornier 328 VIP-version jet is an excellent choice. It can take off from remote airports with short runways. Fast and comfortable, its price is still affordable.

    Our recommendation:
    the Fairchild Dornier 328 jet with 31 seats

    Typical use: Plane rental for sports groups

    Suitable trips for this plane:
    Lyon / Lille / Lyon
    Paris / Nice / Paris
    Mulhouse / Pau / Mulhouse

    for 31 to 50 passengers

    Group of 31 to 50 passengers, 1- to 3-hour flight

    The economical solution

    Turboprop planes

    A group of 31 to 50 passengers represents the ideal size for an individual plane charter. There are many planes available for this market, both in France and abroad. Due to their fuel efficiency, their rental price is thus affordable. With a cabin attendant provided for service, in-flight meals are possible.

    Our recommendation:
    the excellent ATR 42-500 with 48 seats

    Typical use: Organizing group travel for a professional congress

    Itinerary suited to this plane:
    Paris / London / Paris
    Clermont-Ferrand / Brest / Clermont-Ferrand
    Marseille / Berlin / Marseille

    Other turboprop planes for 31 to 50 passengers:

    • Fairchild Dornier 328-110 (TP) 31 seats
    • Saab 340 A 34 seats
    • Shorts 360-200 36 seats
    • Bombardier Dash 7 48 seats
    • Fokker 50 (F27) 50 seats
    • Saab 2000 50 seats
    • Bombardier Dash 8-300 50 seats

    Group of 31 to 50 passengers, 1- to 3-hour flight

    The fast solution

    Private jets for rent

    These planes are comfortable, fast and well suited for flights carrying 31 to 50 passengers. They can be chartered for departure within France. They are new, quiet and come with a cabin attendant. VIP services and meals are possible.

    Our suggestion:
    the excellent Embraer ERJ 135 with 37 seats

    Trip example: Organizing a business seminar for groups in France

    Suitable trips for this plane:
    Toulouse / Vienna / Toulouse
    Marseille / Barcelona / Marseille
    Nantes / Venice / Nantes

    Other private jets with 31 to 50 seats:

    • Fairchild Dornier Jet 328-300 31 seats
    • Embraer Jet 145 49 seats
    • Canadair Regional Jet 100 ER 50 seats
    • Canadair Regional Jet 200 ER 50 seats

    for 51 to 100 passengers

    Group of 51 to 100 passengers, 1- to 3 ½-hour flight

    The economical solution

    Turboprop planes

    Turboprops for 51 to 100 passengers are less common. However, they remain a good option for affordably priced private plane travel due their low fuel consumption. Cabin attendants are able to provide custom services (open bar, meals)

    Our suggestion:
    The ATR 72 with 70 seats

    Trip example: Group travel in France for an automobile launch.

    Itineraries suited to this type of plane:
    Lannion / Brussels / Lannion
    Brussels / Nice / Brussels
    Poitiers / Prague / Poitiers

    Other turboprops with 51 to 100 seats:

    • Bombardier Dash 8-400 76 seats

    Group of 51 to 100 passengers, 1- to 3½-hour flight

    Faster solution

    Regional jet airliners

    Although these planes are in high demand for groups of 51 to 100 passengers, it is quite uncommon to find a one-time rental on the market since they are often dedicated to regular flights. Certain planes, however, are available. Two cabin attendants are provided for in-flight service.

    Our recommendation:
    The Embraer Jet 170 with 76 seats

    Typical use: Product launches/ groups of journalists

    Itineraries suited to this type of plane:
    Nantes / Rome / Nantes
    London / Milan / London
    Paris / Saint Nazaire / Paris

    Other regional jet airliners with 51 to 100 seats:

    • Canadair Regional Jet 700 ER 70 seats
    • BAe 146 -Avro RJ85 85 seats
    • Canadair Regional Jet 900 90 seats
    • Bae 146 - Avro RJ100 100 seats
    • Embraer Jet 190 100 seats
    • Embraer Jet 195 100 seats
    • Fokker 100 (F28) 100 seats

    for 101 to 150 passengers

    Group of 101 to 150 passengers, 1- to 4-hour flight

    The fast solution

    Private jets

    Numerous planes carrying 100 to 150 passengers can be found for rent in Paris, the rest of France and in Europe. These craft are in high demand for organizing business seminars in France and abroad, particularly for departure within France.

    Our recommendation:
    The Boeing 737 - 300 with 147 seats

    Trip example: Congresses abroad, organizing group incentive trips, automobile launches with journalists, product launches.

    Frequent itineraries for this type of plane:
    Lyon / Prague / Lyon
    Paris / Budapest / Paris
    Lyon / Seville / Lyon
    Bordeaux / Heraklion /Bordeaux
    Lille / Palermo / Lille

    for 151 to 230 passengers

    Group of 151 to 230 passengers, 1- to 5 ½-hour flight

    The fast solution

    Jumbo jets

    If your group contains 151 to 230 passengers, we can offer numerous airliners for rent in Paris, the rest of France and in Europe. Numerous custom services are possible. These planes are perfect for organizing incentive trips, foreign business seminars or a series of weekly flights.

    Our suggestion:
    The Boeing 737 - 800 with 186 seats

    Typical use: organizing seminars, meetings, incentive trips, congresses, foreign events for large groups

    Suitable trips for this plane:
    Paris / Funchal / Paris
    Paris / Sal / Paris
    Nantes / Madrid / Nantes
    Marseille / Athens / Marseille
    Lyon / Marrakesh / Lyon

    Other private jumbo jets with 151 to 230 seats:

    • Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) MD-83 165 seats
    • Boeing 737-400 170 seats
    • Airbus A320 180 seats
    • Boeing 757-200 212 seats
    • Airbus A321 220 seats
    • Airbus A310-300 222 seats

    for 231 to 580+ passengers

    Group of 231 to 580+ passengers, 1- to 10-hour flight

    The fast solution

    Jumbo jets

    For large-size groups of 231 to 580 passengers, this type of plane is especially available in Paris and other large cities. Jumbo jets are suited to large-size groups and faraway destinations. All personalized services are possible during the trip.

    One can also make an extra stop to reduce costs. Example: Paris / Nantes / Athens / Nantes / Paris

    Our suggestion:
    the Airbus A330-223 with 320 seats

    Typical use: large group events abroad with plane charter, organizing international business seminars, foreign events, medical congresses, vehicle launches, reward trips.

    Itineraries suited to this type of airliner:
    Paris / Cancun / Paris
    Paris / New York / Paris
    Paris/ Las Vegas / Paris
    Madrid/ Nassau / Madrid
    Lyon / Havana / Lyon
    Nantes / Saint-Domingue / Nantes

    Other private jumbo jets with 231 to 580 seats:

    • Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) MD-11 233 seats
    • Airbus A300-600 266 seats
    • Boeing 767-300 ER 276 seats
    • Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) DC-10 356 seats
    • Airbus A340-300 365 seats
    • Boeing 777-2Q8 ER 378 seats
    • Boeing 747-400 581 seats

    The Jet-miles advantage

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    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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