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    Frequently asked questions about renting airliners

    You mention personalized services. What is the difference between the planes that I routinely charter?

    Jet-miles offers added value to each operation. After reviewing your specifications (dates, schedules, departure cities, destinations, number of passengers, constraints, etc.), we provide you with a complete, detailed, budgeted offer within 48 hours outlining several options based on our approach to your budget and other aspects: safety, regularity, fleet size, onboard VIP services, etc. After issuing the contracts and invoices, you will receive documents precisely indicating every detail of your operation.

    Day 1: Jet-miles will be present at the airport in advance to help open the counters and set up check-in. We then will verify each detail of the flight with the airline and assist you from boarding to take off.
    However, Jet-miles also offers to accompany and assist you onboard your flight in complete confidentiality, in order to take care of any unforeseen developments on-site (rendezvous location, urgent itinerary changes, additional prepayments, dealing with foreign agents, etc.).
    Our personnel who will assist you. You have the certainty of being in immediate contact with our project directors.
    An operational supervisor is also dedicated to your operation and coordinates arrivals with your local representatives and assistants.
    It’s not just about finding the perfect plane; It’s also about being available at any given moment. This is the Jet-miles spirit.

    I would like to always have the same representative. Is this possible?

    At Jet-miles, you are taken care of by a committed project director who understands all your needs. This is why we always assign you the same representative.

    Can I select remote airports or those served infrequently by regular airlines?

    Yes. Jet-miles can choose the airport closest to your rendezvous point for you, including remote airports. Often, this is more economically advantageous.
    Sometimes runway strength (PCN) or the presence of customs and firefighters must be taken into account. In some cases, only a propeller plane (turboprop) will be able to land on a short runway. Our experts are well aware of all these specific details: they will help you find the airport closest to your rendezvous point in complete safety. Finally, we can, of course, rent a helicopter to take you to an even more specific location.

    Can a jumbo jet take off from anywhere at any time in the world?

    No, not always: Certain airports are subject to noise restrictions (nearby residents), are closed at night or have runways that are too short.
    In this case, our project directors will offer you a plane suited to the runway, such as a turboprop, for example, or request formal authorization for your choice of airport. Specific traffic rights in certain countries must be taken into account.

    Jet-miles finds a solution for each project anywhere in the world.

    Can I rent an airliner with several stops during the day in different countries?

    Yes, absolutely: by departing early in the morning, you will be able to organize a “tour” of different points in Europe for example, and return the very same evening.

    And if I charter a jumbo jet in a foreign country in order to take domestic flights to infrequently served airports?

    This is known as cabotage. The freedoms of the air and legislation on this subject are very clear. However, we have done this time and again. You can trust Jet-miles to organize the global logistics and personalized services of your charter project anywhere in the world. We have an extensive list of contacts and we know how to find the best solutions.

    I only want to charter a specific type of plane!

    No problem: our database is updated daily by our personnel.
    But do you know that it may be preferable to rent an alternative airliner (smaller or larger) based on the arrival airport for example?
    We can often recommend alternatives that are less costly or better suited to the number of passengers flying that day.
    If need be, it is sometimes preferable to choose a plane with the same comfort level but positioned close to your departure or arrival locations. You will thus gain significant savings.

    The commercial plane that we chartered must absolutely land at 11 a.m. in Prague for the plenary meeting!

    During the reservation process, the company verifies its availability schedule and rejects or accepts the desired flight schedule at the outset, which initiates the contract.
    Then, the company requests the time slots from the relevant authorities, who accept the slots or propose a similar alternative. It is in the company’s best interest to obtain the right time slots. Some airports are particularly saturated regarding precise time schedules for jumbo jets: Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.
    Our airline experts know how to take the initiative to meet your needs. In addition, we can offer you helpful information updates on this subject.

    We’ve had significant changes since yesterday: the hotel is flooded, and we need to propose an alternative!

    Jet-miles will work all night if necessary to find an alternative destination and optimize costs. This type of situation has happened to us in the past: Rovaniemi replaced by Tozeur, Tunis replaced by Marrakesh, etc. Jet-miles becomes one of your team. We are there to help and assist you in any circumstance.

    I’m worried about the connections of my regular flights: can I delay my chartered flight’s departure time by two hours?

    Yes, this happens frequently and airlines react very quickly to change schedules, even on the day of departure. Of course, the plane must not have another assignment right after the flight and the crew must not exceed their work schedule.

    Is your price all-inclusive? And VAT?

    Our quotes are straightforward and include all costs (services, passenger taxes, parking, crew costs, Jet-miles’ assistants, etc.)
    Any possible VAT on domestic flights within the same country is indicated in our contract and invoices. For French companies, VAT is frequently refundable.
    The only price variables possible are an increase in aircraft fuel or passenger taxes, insurance required by a government, plane deicing in winter, etc.
    In this case, you will be notified immediately and pay these additional fees at cost.

    I also have very particular in-flight needs and a lot of equipment for organizing my seminar.

    Jet-miles constantly adapts based on your group requests: certain planes are more suited to carrying large amounts of baggage. We have already carried 20 metric tons of equipment with 150 customers in the South Pacific and a 120-member philharmonic orchestra and all their instruments in Southern Europe…each project requires its own tailored solution.

    Is it advantageous to reserve an airliner at the last minute?

    No. Reserving in advance is preferable in order to find a better selection, good flight times, reliable planes and the correct capacity for your operation. Availability is very limited in France on certain dates. Often, it is necessary to search all throughout Europe to obtain a plane at a good price. A reservation made at the last minute can turn out to be quite costly! If your dates are fixed and the hotel reserved, it is preferable to have a firm reservation in advance in order to have your flight numbers and confirmed flight times.

    Charter flights are less expensive, but are the planes in good condition?

    A charter flight signifies: chartering a commercial plane for a one-time or repeated operation, outside of airlines with regular schedules. The "charter” is a type of English contract that initially pertained to boats.

    In Europe, regulations are strict and DGAC inspections frequent. Often the only essential difference between a “regular” and “charter” plane is how it is commercialized. Certain companies are "mixed”, with both charter and regular flights. Often, the planes of European charter airlines are new and thus more reliable. In fact, an old plane costs more to maintain and burns more aircraft fuel. It is also more advantageous to have a new fleet to guarantee good safety standards and avoid breakdowns.

    If my clients leave on Tuesday and return Friday, chartering a plane will inevitably be more expensive than taking a regular flight!

    Not always. It sometimes happens that we can obtain wait-time for your plane on-site, for two, three or more days (depending on the season). The crew stays at the hotel and you obtain an inexpensive roundtrip rental price since there is no empty leg to pay for. In addition, you are thus ensured that your chartered plane remains on-site. For certain exceptional trips, we have even obtained wait-time for a plane for up to a whole week.

    My CEO has to travel with his managers in two different planes for security reasons

    Of course! This is very typical when organizing a business manager seminar. It is often cheaper for large groups (200 people) to travel on a commercial jumbo jet, but we always find suitable prices on smaller planes that will take off at 5-minute intervals. Or, we can have part of your managers on regular flights or a small private jet.

    I’ve been told about “time slots” and traffic rights, freedoms of the air, airports closed at night…doesn’t it seem rather complicated to charter a plane?

    Chartering a plane requires taking many precautions and is not done “on the fly”. Contracts are very specific and meticulously prepared since they legally commit each party.
    ”Time slots” are the requested departure and landing times at an airport. It is necessary to have a perfect understanding of the rules. Traffic rights are also very specific. In Egypt, for example, you can only fly on French or Egyptian planes unless you have formal authorization specifying otherwise.
    At Jet-miles, our specialists are constantly renting planes. They have precise knowledge of the correct procedures required for meeting all your particular demands.

    >We organize small group training seminars on these topics. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Would you like more information?
    Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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