Flight request

    Purchase flight hours on a private jet

    Whether you're a business person or a frequent traveler, it is necessary to optimize your professional travel costs.

    The Global Air Card®, a simple idea

    You travel frequently. Your time is precious and must not be squandered on tedious searches and last-minute payments.
    What matters is speed and efficiency. Simplify your planning with the Global Air Card and a quota of prepaid hours.

    Responsiveness, price, a suitable plane with a limited commitment … the Global Air Card ® meets your needs.

    Corporate Global Air Card®

    The amount of travel you do and the number of passengers is relatively constant and easy to determine. Jet-miles offers you a fixed-hour contract for a new private plane, providing the same comfort for all your assignments.

    Open Global Air Card®

    Does the number of participants or the nature of your travel vary?
    Decide on the type of plane that you use most often, then optimize your costs and select a specific aircraft based on your current needs.


    • Next-generation planes
    • Audited airlines
    • 5 million euro charter insurance (approx. USD 5,377,400)


    • Rapid 24-hour assistance for all your travel needs
    • Important volume discounts
    • A business jet adapted to any need
    • No fixed costs or maintenance
    • A clearly indicated invoice with no additional charges
    • Transparency of jet hours used
    • A single representative for your operations
    • Flight hour purchase > 25 hours
    • Free use of your hours days/nights/weekends
    • Your card never expires
    • Fixed price
    • Upgrade if plane not available

    The Jet-miles advantage

    • A single representative and a dedicated team
    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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