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    Global Travel Solution

    Do you dream of finding a sole service provider for all your transportation needs?

    Jet-miles offers you a dedicated representative who understands and appreciates your needs.

    We coordinate all your transportation logistics and offer you the best prices for all the necessary services for your project.

    Each business is unique, which is why we tailor our offers to each customer.
    Managing a business’s travel budget requires a high level of expertise.
    As an airline broker specialist, we pride ourselves in finding solutions that optimize your budget.
    In partnership with hundreds of airlines throughout the world, Jet-miles provides you with all its valuable knowledge and expertise in coordinating transportation logistics tailored to each customer.

    Jet-miles offers you a novel concept: a global solution to meet all your group transportation needs for any destination in the world, with just a single representative.

    Have you identified your needs? We offer you our expertise in finding the best solution based on your budget and expectations, via different modules:

    • Groups of 1 to 19 passengers on a private jet suited to your urgent business trips or leisure activities.
    • Groups with 10 or more passengers on regular flights, low-cost airlines.
    • Groups of 20 to 12,000 passengers on chartered flights for all your large operations throughout the world, or if space on regular flights or trains is insufficient for the size of your group.
    • Groups in Business or 1st Class, for your managers and executives.
    • Oversized groups for all your special operations requiring passengers and/or freight to be sent to hard-to-reach destinations.
    • “Door-to-door" service: private bus or shuttle rentals, Assistants at the airports or train stations, airport services, mobile counter rental, VIP check-in, gate buffet, special meals, open bar, planes personalized with your brand colors, airport supervisors, limousine rental, hotel reservations for your groups, etc.

    Jet-miles offers its Global Travel Solution ® for all group travel with a precise analysis of all your requirements:

    • Type of event
    • Number of persons travelling
    • Destination, specific airport, rendezvous point, desired schedule and flight times
    • Budget to prioritize
    • Requirements in terms of comfort, services, safety, assistance and passenger distribution

    For all your group needs, Jet-miles offers a concrete transportation solution from all departure cities to the selected destination regardless of the number of passengers.

    With more than 1,000 plane charters per year, Jet-miles possesses an enormous plane database that enables it to select the most reliable companies at the best cost.

    Whether for business or pleasure, with Jet-miles, you have all the group travel resources you need right in one place: Private jets, jumbo jet charters and co-charters, group ticketing for regular and Low-Cost flights, buses and other services related to passenger transportation.

    Put your trust in Jet-miles’ experts to find a global solution suited to your projects and trips.

    Did you say Global?

    Absolutely! Contrary to limited service providers, who compete for a specific means of transportation, Jet-miles will find you the best price regardless of your group size. Just think of how much you'll save in transportation costs by cutting out all the middlemen! With a straightforward proposal and an all-inclusive price, discover the solution that will manage your company’s logistics needs efficiently!

    How does this work?

    The Global Travel Solution is your solution! By working in partnership with airlines, we put all our resources to work to ensure that your transportation budget is managed economically. We've revolutionized the concept of service provider collaboration by offering numerous solutions at preferential prices: airlines and railway companies as well as maritime companies, taxis, hotel reservations, and many more. These solutions are also suited to executives, to whom we offer personalized services: Private jet, chauffeur-driven car, etc.
    Our goal is to ensure a perfect match between the customer’s desires and the means of transportation used. You can thus be assured that your budget will be managed perfectly.

    Who are we?

    As acknowledged professionals in the air industry for over 30 years, our directors offer their skill and expertise to manage your end-to-end group logistics for an operation of any size. We have learned to put in place efficient personalized solutions that correspond to the precise wishes of our customers. By taking advantage of our unique expertise, you can trust us with your company’s logistical needs in complete tranquility!

    For whom is the Global Travel Solution intended?

    The Global Travel Solution is intended for any company with an internal travel management department, a Travel Manager, or any company with group travel needs.
    Seeking out personally tailored solutions requires much time and effort, and having access to every means of transportation requires specific knowledge and understanding in order to obtain the best prices.
    In managing the travel of your managers, executives and other persons on company business in France and abroad, our agents ensure you substantial economic savings from A to Z. Whether you need to organize transportation to travel to a meeting or trade show, book urgent travel to a specific site or are conducting a large-scale operation to unite employees on either side of the world, we will ALWAYS provide the solution best suited to your needs.

    Will you have to make any changes to your normal routine?

    Not at all! Jet-miles applies its vision of air logistics to your company in the most accommodating manner possible. We are committed to satisfying your needs by finding the most suitable solution. The only change in your routine will be paying a much lower price! With our turnkey solution, you will gain the peace of mind provided by professionally managed travel perfectly tailored to your needs. This is the service that Jet-miles offers!

    What is the value added to your project?

    Our senior supervisors have a perfect understanding of your needs and refer only to your criteria when constructing a complete, straightforward and applicable solution specifically based on price, safety and the irreproachable quality of service that is our standard.
    Our agents will oversee your trip to its successful conclusion and intervene in the event of any problem, all while providing you with real-time information on your operation’s status.
    Our on-site presence will enable you to confidently gauge how much smoother your travel becomes. Don’t delay any longer! Take advantage of the experience that numerous other companies and clients are enjoying! So just relax—we’ll take care of everything!

    The Jet-miles advantage

    • A single representative and a dedicated team
    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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