Frequently asked questions regarding group plane trips

How many passengers are required to benefit from group rates on planes?

A minimum of 10 passengers are needed to pay the same rate, be they adults or children. They must travel together on the same dates, on the same plane and to the same destination. We do not work with requests concerning less than 10 passengers.

Why are group rates on planes often more expensive than individual ticket prices?

On jumbo jets, seats allocated to groups are limited by quotas. It is more profitable for a regular airline to sell seats to individual passengers. Nevertheless, groups do contribute significantly to filling a plane.

Why then should one make a group reservation instead of paying the individual ticket price?

If you have 20 passengers, you will have to make each online reservation one after the other. Payment by bank card is final. Changes are costly. The price will increase as you make your reservations. Finally, will there enough seats left for your entire group? When making plane reservations for a large group (100 passengers for example), it is best to use our services. Each passenger will benefit from the same flat rate. And you will often be able to provide the actual names of the passengers at a later time.

I want a single representative for my group trips.

With Jet-miles, your business benefits from a project director dedicated to organizing and processing your groups on regular flights.

How long does it take for you to respond to a group plane request?

Certain airlines provide the current price on the same day. In other cases, it sometimes requires a few days (foreign airlines). In general, we request prices from several airlines in order to optimize results and obtain the best group rates.

I wish to make a group reservation in business class.

Contact our group service department: a single representative will be assigned to you, and your project will be given top priority. Our clients with accounts benefit from payment terms.

For traveling with a large group, is it best to reserve seats with regular airlines or charter airliners?

It all depends on the size of your group. For 50 to 100 passengers, it is often more affordable to reserve regular flights, especially for travel abroad or long-haul flights. However, for more sizeable groups, chartering is often the most economical solution, particularly if the plane will remain at the destination for a few days.

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