Flight request

    Organization of a large business seminar in the Bahamas

    Typical mission: 1,500 managers from 50 countries and 350 cities invited to Nassau, Bahamas, by a pharmaceutical laboratory celebrating its 100-year anniversary.

    Seminar organization
    : calculate the total price to fly 1,500 passengers from 350 cities and 5 continents to Nassau.

    Additional customer specifications:

    - Avoid stops in the United States (new biometric passports).
    - Offer a global solution combining regular +chartered flights
    – The managers from these 50 countries must travel on different planes.
    - The passengers must absolutely arrive at a precise hour for the plenary conference…

    Execution: 15 senior managers will be dedicated to the operation 24/7.
    Specially designed software to manage lists of combined regular + chartered flights with extraction of lists by hub, cities, countries, continents…
    3,000 tickets for pre- and post travel on regular flights issued in combination with charter flights, from Hubs on five continents: Madrid, Tokyo, Panama City, Toronto, Saint-Domingue, London, Paris, Geneva, etc.
    An assistant will be present on each chartered flight throughout the world to accompany the groups on regular flights.
    A 24-hour logistics office will be operating in Nassau throughout the entire operation.

    Planes selected: B747s, B757s and B737s chartered on 5 continents with nonstop flights to Nassau from the rendezvous points.
    Perfect mastery of formidable logistics by our international teams.

    The Jet-miles advantage

    • A single representative and a dedicated team
    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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