Flight request

      Plane rental from a regular airline: VIP flight to Egypt

      Specifications: Rent a jumbo jet for 260 VIPs from Le Bourget to Abu Simbel, with a private banquet at the Temple of Ramses.

      Organization of this incentive trip: A jumbo jet is required for this event as well as special authorization at Le Bourget, with customs officials and X-ray machines for these numerous passengers. Visas must be obtained without having to land the plane in Cairo (the Abu Simbel airport is not an official point of entry into the country). In addition, Abu Simbel’s airport has a short runway. Finally, for this exceptional event, the customer wishes to have the destination displayed as a “mystery destination”. In order for the trip to be affordable, the plane must remain waiting at the destination airport.

      Execution: the specially chartered regular airliner will land with fifth freedom traffic rights at Le Bourget. An Egyptian customs, who arrived from Cairo the day before, will be present on board to validate the visas directly in the passports. He will keep the “mystery destination” confidential until the end of the flight.
      The plane will land at Abu Simbel at night. A private opera will be organized in front of the Temple of Ramses.
      After a night of dancing in the middle of the desert, the passengers will depart back to Paris on the plane, which remained waiting at the Abu Simbel airport.

      Plane chartered
      : a B767-300 from a regular airline with tailored services: Seat headrests with the customer’s logo, personalized boarding announcement, VIP meals, open bar, red roses, the day’s newspapers, films selected by the customer, etc.

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