Flight request

    Organizing a foreign convention

    Mission: insurance advisors invited to Sicily for a convention.

    Organization of the seminar
    : Pre- and post travel by regular flights or trains to bring together all the passengers from within France.
    Organize transfers in private buses to rendezvous points with dedicated assistants.
    Passengers will then board chartered flights from Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, etc. to Palermo.

    Execution: E-tickets (regular flights + trains) are sent to each participant a few days in advance.
    An assistant will be present at each station. Passengers are then taken by private bus to charter rendezvous points.
    Check-in is performed by our professional assistants.

    The logistics and supervision of each leg of the roundtrip flight is carried out by our operational directors.

    They are present on-site during the seminar in order to organize each step (special services, lists, check-in, online tracking of flights) and accompany you until the passengers return.

    The Jet-miles advantage

    • A single representative and a dedicated team
    • Real-time information
    • 24-hour availability

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